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Re: GSE/Where can I get this?

Posted by Kel on 10/25/05
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    On 10/25/05, Kel wrote:
    > On 10/23/05, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 10/23/05, Kel wrote:
    >>> Will someone tell me what GSE is and where to find it? I looked
    >>> it up and I can't find anything related to what you guys are
    >>> talking about. If this is a great product I want to get my
    >>> hands on it :)
    >>> Thanks
    >>> Kell
    >>> P.S if you have any links to give me I would greatly appreciate
    >>> it.
    >> Here you go, Kel.
    >> Michael L
    > Thank you Michael and Paul for the info! I'm going to get some
    > right away! I'm glad this was brought up as a topic, I feel silly
    > for not knowing this GSE.....I'm a health food nut.
    > Again thanks :)
    > Kel

    Ok just found an article (one of many) now that I can find it on the
    internet!! Again thanks guys I appreciate it.