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Re: GSE/Where can I get this? let me explain more

Posted by Paul on 10/30/05
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    On 10/30/05, Kel wrote:
    > On 10/29/05, Paul wrote:
    >> On 10/29/05, Paul wrote:
    >>> On 10/25/05, Kel wrote:
    >>>> On 10/23/05, Michael L wrote:
    >>>>> On 10/23/05, Kel wrote:
    >>>>>> Will someone tell me what GSE is and where to find it? I looked
    >>>>>> it up and I can't find anything related to what you guys are
    >>>>>> talking about. If this is a great product I want to get my
    >>>>>> hands on it :)
    >>>>>> Thanks
    >>>>>> Kell
    >>>>>> P.S if you have any links to give me I would greatly appreciate
    >>>>>> it.
    >>>>> Here you go, Kel.
    >>>>> Michael L
    >>>> Thank you Michael and Paul for the info! I'm going to get some
    >>>> right away! I'm glad this was brought up as a topic, I feel silly
    >>>> for not knowing this GSE.....I'm a health food nut.
    >>>> Again thanks :)
    >>>> Kel
    >>> When used on sick birds GSE will kill the bad bacteria
    >>> no matter what bacteria it is it also kills the good bacteria
    >>> youll need to come behind it with Di flucan as the yeast
    >>> can run wild especially in babies, then use pro biotics
    >>> to bring back gut flora and boost the imune system.
    >>> GSE can put a vet out of business if you learn how
    >>> and when to use
    >>> Paul
    >> example, lets say baby has a bad bacteria GSE will kill
    >> all bacteria but baby also has psiticossis that you
    >> were not aware of, you wont show much improvenmet
    >> as the psiticossis will kill the bird faster due
    >> to no imune system left to fight it.baytril for
    >> example will kick back psiticossis to the point
    >> of improvenment untill you quit treatments
    >> then it comes back stronger and kills the baby.
    >> Paul
    > I have placed my order! I should get my bottle soon and I will put it to
    > work! I have been able to find many articles about it now and I'm amazed
    > at what it can do.
    > Thank you again, to the both of you (Paul and Michael) for the info!
    > Kel

    I want you to tell me what your trying to accomplish
    with GSE and what you have read in articles.You
    need be medical savey before using this stuff on birds.
    Whenever you use this stuff remember a 3 week old
    baby thats been GSE is the same as a day 1 baby now.
    no gut flora , no imune system, no gram negative,
    no gram postitive any move you make like breathing
    on the baby can start a bad trend again in baby
    or adults.