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Re: GSE/Where can I get this? let me explain/To Paul

Posted by Kel on 11/02/05
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    > Kel,
    > I want you to tell me what your trying to accomplish
    > with GSE and what you have read in articles.You
    > need be medical savey before using this stuff on birds.
    > Whenever you use this stuff remember a 3 week old
    > baby thats been GSE is the same as a day 1 baby now.
    > no gut flora , no imune system, no gram negative,
    > no gram postitive any move you make like breathing
    > on the baby can start a bad trend again in baby
    > or adults.
    > Paul

    Hi Paul,
    I was interested in what Gina had to say with how she cleans with it, cage
    toys ets. I was also interesed in what she and Michael had to say about how
    it works on humans, especially cold sores and nails etc. I would not treat a
    bird, however I would treat myself. After reading the articles on it it
    really helps your body in so many ways. I am medical savy and I am in the
    medical field, however my specialty are humans not birds. I also work with
    homeopathic midwives who only love the "natural" remedies. However on my
    little guys at home (1 cockatiel, 2 love birds and 2 green rump parrottlets)
    the extent of the use would be for cleaning. This is a great non toxic way of
    cleaning and its all about safety for me. If my birds have problems I have an
    avian vet right across the main street from me that I have on speed dial if
    ever needed.... I got lucky he's the only one around me without having to
    travel. Good avian vets are hard tp find! So I hope this answers your
    question, let me know if you have anymore.