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Re: GSE/Where can I get this? let me explain/To Paul

Posted by Paul on 11/03/05
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    On 11/03/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 11/02/05, Kel wrote:
    > I was also interesed in what she and Michael had to say about how
    >> it works on humans, especially cold sores and nails etc. I would not treat a
    >> bird, however I would treat myself.
    > Kel,
    > My experience with GSE has been positive. I would not hesitate to tell you to
    > feel comfortable with using it on your birds. As Karen mentioned, it doesn't do
    > the harm that some would have you believe and it certainly is not a panacea for
    > all ailments.
    > In regards to the Klebsiella bacteria that Paul mentioned, many years ago I had
    > some finches imported from Belgium. Three of them were affected with this
    > bacteria. I wouldn't have thought to use GSE as, after many vet visits and two
    > powerful antibiotics over the course of months, it finally was eliminated. GSE
    > would not have been able to touch something this severe.
    > I use mine in the water when I soak seed and use it to disinfect sprouts. You
    > can add a drop to the drinking water of birds to keep bacteria at bay in the
    > water dish. I've not had the problem, but I have breeder friends that have used
    > it in mild cases of yeast infections in birds that are being hand fed.
    > I've not used it for cleaning as I think it would take an exorbitant amount to
    > make it effective when doing such a large task.
    > I've also used it to clean hand feeding spoons and thermometers, etc.
    > As far as my personal use, I had a fungal infection under a fingernail. My
    > doctor actually told me to soak my finger in vinegar for 10 minute intervals
    > twice a day. He said that that was effective and less harmful than the drugs
    > that are used to tret this condition. Rather than doing that, I rubbed the GSE
    > directly on to the fingernail two or three times a day. It took a while, but
    > fungus was eliminated.
    > Do I think that GSE is the end-all-be-all. No. But I do believe that it has a
    > valid position in bird/animal keeping.
    > I have a progressive avain vet that is always willing to listen to what I have
    > say and we discuss theories and options for using products such as this. Not all
    > vets might be so engaging so if you do seek the advice of your vet, be prepared
    > for the posdsiblility that he may not endorse something like this.
    > Michael L

    GSE has to come in contact with whatever bacteria
    at the correct levels.When pulling cultures you
    can see a bacteria lets say Ecoli how heavy this
    infection you need to grow the cultures in the
    gel. when the culture begins to grow you now can
    take an antibiotic to see if it will kill the bacteria
    broad spectrum is baytril the best is amacasin
    if these have no affect on the bacteria try GSE
    but you need to pull cultures and grow them for
    testing first however. play around with a microscope
    youll fiqure it out.