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Re: Oatmeal bedding

Posted by MKay on 10/31/05
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    On 10/31/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 10/30/05, MKay wrote:
    >> I was at our (avian) vet's office the other day, and for
    >> the first time it was suggested that we use an oatmeal
    >> bedding. Have any of you ever tried this? It's
    >> absorbant, easily digested, not a risk for blockates as
    >> shavings would be if consumed by babies.
    >> Our CAG is now set up in an oatmeal-bedded home. It's
    >> working really nice. Just wondered who else knows the
    >> trick?
    > That's an excellent suggestion, MKay. Sounds like it has
    > comfortable AND safe qualities.
    > Michael L

    The only downfall seems to be the lack of traction. The oats
    just move around, making it difficult to travel from one end
    to the other. It's great for physical therapy, though!