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Re: Oatmeal bedding

Posted by Paul on 10/31/05
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    On 10/31/05, shirley wrote:
    > oatmeal for bedding? sounds like a recipie for sick birds to
    > me... if they are producing young in this type of bedding.. the
    > young will mess in it...birds eat mess....resulting in sick
    > birds due to eating their own or feaces in the case of the
    > babies.. or in the case of the parents eating their offspring
    > feaces whilst eating the oatmeal. nice dinner!!! oatmeal and
    > poo!! yum yum! i think i will stick toother forms of bedding.

    You dont want to use food of any kind
    as a bedding,Howard Voren showed me
    a trick, Use fine mesh to cover
    whatever so the feces travels through
    and absorbed but baby cant get to it.
    Howard tried all those tricks already