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Re: Oatmeal bedding

Posted by MKay on 10/31/05
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    The oatmeal was suggested for a baby Grey who was experimenting with
    it's new-found sense of taste. Many weaning babies will taste and
    ingest shavings. During this period, it was recommended that I try
    oatmeal bedding. I really would never use it in a nestbox. But for
    babies that are weaning, I will keep the oatmeal on hand. I lost a
    baby a while back that had tried to eat shavings. They became lodged
    in it's esophagus. I know this because I was able to clear them
    after the baby was dead. They were definately shavings. Oatmeal is
    more plyable, though it expands, it is softer and can be swallowed
    easily. As with any bedding, it will get soiled and need to be
    changed just as often.