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Re: Oatmeal bedding

Posted by Paul on 10/31/05
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    On 10/31/05, MKay wrote:
    > The oatmeal was suggested for a baby Grey who was experimenting with
    > it's new-found sense of taste. Many weaning babies will taste and
    > ingest shavings. During this period, it was recommended that I try
    > oatmeal bedding. I really would never use it in a nestbox. But for
    > babies that are weaning, I will keep the oatmeal on hand. I lost a
    > baby a while back that had tried to eat shavings. They became lodged
    > in it's esophagus. I know this because I was able to clear them
    > after the baby was dead. They were definately shavings. Oatmeal is
    > more plyable, though it expands, it is softer and can be swallowed
    > easily. As with any bedding, it will get soiled and need to be
    > changed just as often.

    Well you dont want that bird playing in
    pooh, Howards advice seems people have
    tried many things and fighting off
    bacteria is a problem. The swallowing
    of shavings is a problem also with
    deadly end results. I guess using
    carefresh with a semi fine mesh
    works best. This way hes gets
    nothing with pooh to nibble on.
    Gail worth uses straight newspaper.