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Re: Oatmeal bedding

Posted by Paul on 11/01/05
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    On 11/01/05, MKay wrote:
    > You really cannot use a mesh when you are talking about babies without
    > pins. The bedding helps them stay warm. Naturally, they need something
    > to 'snuggle' into, not only up against.

    I know when we gain something you lose
    something else.I rather fight a brooder
    then illness it can be a nitemare.They
    play with soiled shavings and sometimes
    swallow it.They will eat the soiled oats
    perhaps a cloth type toy for single babies
    a clutch keep themself warm with snuggle
    idea. Padding the sides of your tub with
    thick cloth works somewhat.whatever keeps
    the baytril in the cabnet I always say