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Post: Eucalyptus perches

Posted by Emma on 11/05/05

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    I have a nice eucalyptus tree that grows at the bottom of
    my garden, and today my dad and I cut off some nice
    branches with leaves on and put them in the aviary
    ('tiels, barrabands, canaries, Bourkes, redrumps etc). I
    have read on many sites on the internet that eucalyptus
    trees are really good for birds' immune systems. However I
    have also read on some sites that eucalyptus is toxic, but
    there is no explanation given. I was wondering if anyone
    could elaborate on this for me, the perches have been up
    for about 8 hrs now and although it is night time now, all
    the birds looked to be enjoying them hugely.

    Many thanks for any information you're able to give


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