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Posted by Zon Mom on 11/11/05
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    The best thing that I have found ( & I'm in my 50's ) is to
    vacuum the carpeted floors & sweep the other floors EVERY
    Day. Then be sure to remove & throw the vacuum bag out,
    every day ( to get rid of the fleas & eggs you've gotton out
    of the carpet ). All pets that come inside ( cats & dogs )
    need to be treated with a safe flea drop purchased from a
    Vet. Not the crappy stuff that Wal-Mart sells, that stuff
    has killed a lot of cats & kittens because it's way too
    strong! Then if you can locate DE powder ( usually available
    at a health food store ) that can be used safely inside of
    the house. Just don't inhale the dust when applying it
    around the base boards, etc. I'm not sure how to spell the
    full name for DE, so hopefully someone else here can give
    that information to you. Definately do some research on how
    to properly apply it before using it though, just to be
    safe. And also remember that if you have fleas outside you
    need to address getting rid of them as well, because they
    can come inside on humans as well ( pant legs, etc.) Good

    Zon Mom

    On 11/11/05, task wrote:
    > Do any of you know what is a good method to get rid of
    > fleas? Our home is infested with them and we need to get
    > rid of them. We had some kittens in our home but they have
    > gotten big enough and are now outside cats. While inside
    > they infestied us with fleas! any ideas of how to safely
    > get rid of them?