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Posted by Michael L on 11/12/05
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    On 11/11/05, Zon Mom wrote:
    > The best thing that I have found ( & I'm in my 50's ) is to
    > vacuum the carpeted floors & sweep the other floors EVERY
    > Day. Then be sure to remove & throw the vacuum bag out,
    > every day ( to get rid of the fleas & eggs you've gotton out
    > of the carpet ). All pets that come inside ( cats & dogs )
    > need to be treated with a safe flea drop purchased from a
    > Vet. Not the crappy stuff that Wal-Mart sells, that stuff
    > has killed a lot of cats & kittens because it's way too
    > strong! Then if you can locate DE powder ( usually available
    > at a health food store ) that can be used safely inside of
    > the house. Just don't inhale the dust when applying it
    > around the base boards, etc. I'm not sure how to spell the
    > full name for DE, so hopefully someone else here can give
    > that information to you. Definately do some research on how
    > to properly apply it before using it though, just to be
    > safe. And also remember that if you have fleas outside you
    > need to address getting rid of them as well, because they
    > can come inside on humans as well ( pant legs, etc.) Good
    > luck!
    > Zon Mom

    That would be Diotomaceous Earth.

    Michael L