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Posted by Kitty.J on 11/15/05
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    On 11/12/05, Robin wrote:
    >>> Isn't that the same thing you use in swimming pool earth
    > filters? How is it used? We have had a few fleas too this year,
    > never did before. Is the DE safe for birds? "Blue" (BH Pionus)
    > walks across the floor alot. Also, any ideas for treats for him?
    > He'll eat anything, but want to keephim healthy and he's molting
    > a bit. Thanks>
    >> That would be Diotomaceous Earth.
    >> Michael L

    Well flea spray works. I don't do bombs since i have animals in
    the house and well if us people have to evacuate it then my
    animals would too and that would be too much. What you do is spray
    the carpets and floors a lot. It may cost money though, then de-
    flea your fured animals. That works, now the fleas on our cats and
    doggy is okay, before was too much, alittle bit of fleas is
    alright i guess but once you get rid of most of them, and do a
    weekly/monthly fe-fleaing of carpet and pets it usually keeps them
    down. Also when you do spray the carpet, and when it dries or if
    you use the powdery stuff, wait a while then vacuum :) hope this
    works, it did for us. Lucky for our fish and birsds, fleas do not
    like them :)