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Re: Natural Gas Fireplace

Posted by David on 12/04/05
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    On 12/04/05, David wrote: Amy, Natural gas by itself is non-
    toxic. Incomplete combustion is what creates carbon-monoxide
    which is very toxic. As long as the flame is more blue than
    yellow and there is no indication of soot forming on the "logs"
    you should not have any problems. If you want to be sure of
    detecting problems before they become a hazard I would install a
    carbon monoxide detector in the room with the fireplace.

    > On 12/04/05, Dee Bolster wrote:
    >> Hi Amy:
    >> I'm sure opinions vary, but I use a natural gas fireplace in
    >> my den. Most of my pet parrots are in there with me. I
    >> have a circulating cieling fan, am careful to light it
    >> quickly, keep doors closed and shut off gasline and allow
    >> pilot to go out on it's own each night. I've not
    >> experienced a single problem, but as with anything of this
    >> nature, use with extra caution and under supervision only.
    >> Dee
    >> On 12/04/05, Amy wrote:
    >>> I have a natural gas fireplace that has glass enclosure
    >>> doors and a chimney. Is it safe to use in a house with
    >>> birds, if I keep the doors closed? Any help would be
    >>> appreciated. Thanks!