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Re: Natural Gas Fireplace

Posted by Dee Bolster on 12/04/05
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    I'm sorry David...i don't know where you get your information, but
    natural gas is very toxic, deadly in fact to both humans and
    animals. I do agree with having a CO monitor, if it's a good
    brand that TRULY detects it.

    On 12/04/05, David wrote:
    > On 12/04/05, David wrote: Amy, Natural gas by itself is non-
    > toxic. Incomplete combustion is what creates carbon-monoxide
    > which is very toxic. As long as the flame is more blue than
    > yellow and there is no indication of soot forming on the "logs"
    > you should not have any problems. If you want to be sure of
    > detecting problems before they become a hazard I would install a
    > carbon monoxide detector in the room with the fireplace.
    >> On 12/04/05, Dee Bolster wrote:
    >>> Hi Amy:
    >>> I'm sure opinions vary, but I use a natural gas fireplace in
    >>> my den. Most of my pet parrots are in there with me. I
    >>> have a circulating cieling fan, am careful to light it
    >>> quickly, keep doors closed and shut off gasline and allow
    >>> pilot to go out on it's own each night. I've not
    >>> experienced a single problem, but as with anything of this
    >>> nature, use with extra caution and under supervision only.
    >>> Dee
    >>> On 12/04/05, Amy wrote:
    >>>> I have a natural gas fireplace that has glass enclosure
    >>>> doors and a chimney. Is it safe to use in a house with
    >>>> birds, if I keep the doors closed? Any help would be
    >>>> appreciated. Thanks!