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Re: Please help!

Posted by Pamela on 12/10/05
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    You don't say in your post but I am guessing your bird has
    started plucking feathers. Our 3 Amazons have more fun
    playing with household items then toys, I buy them. Rolls
    of toilet paper keep them busy for days. Also, toilet paper
    rolls, paper towel rolls, I have one who love to play with
    plastic water bottles. I also have one who enjoy chewing on
    sweatshirts. When he get a piece off he throws it on the
    ground. Also my DYH Amazon really love playing with a
    pillow and blanket in a box. I have the small travel
    pillows you can get at Walmart. She will play in there for
    2 or 3 hours non-stop.
    Have you taken your bird to a avain vet to make sure there
    are no medical problems?