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Re: Alfalfa Powder

Posted by Michael L on 12/18/05
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    On 12/18/05, MKay wrote:
    > Has anyone used organic alfalfa powder with parrots? I
    > was searching for homeopathic remedies for one of my dogs
    > who is suffering from arthritis and anxiety (maybe because
    > his human is away so often lately-my husband's dog). I
    > found some products I will try for him, but also came
    > across info on alfalfa powder, and wondered if anyone here
    > has had experience with this?
    > Safe? Why not?

    Mary Kay,
    Alfalfa is a great resource of vitamins, minerals, amino
    acids, etc.
    It is used to treat joint disorders, including arthritis, as
    well as improving the blood and circulatory system in dogs.
    Many years ago I used it along with shark cartilage for a
    very arthritic dog of mine. It helps to increase synovial
    fluid production in the joints. This was before the
    introduction of glucosamine and chondroitin.
    I would say you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    Alfalfa is safe ans without side effects.

    Michael L