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Re: Re:Lyn

Posted by Michael on 12/19/05
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    On 12/19/05, Lyn wrote:
    > Your advise is better than the doctors. I've spouted but
    > never cooked except for yams.
    > I don't want to sound dumb but what kind of beans and legumes
    > do you cook?
    > I'm not a very good cook but will try anything. Sounds stupid
    > but I need instructions. I know my birds would probably love
    > it. There not happy just eating seeds. They expect all there
    > good stuff. They are really good about trying new things.
    > They are very trusting of me and what ever I put in their dish
    > they try.
    > I would love to get my hands on dandelion and chickweed. I
    > know my birds would love it and I have read how good it is for
    > them. I just can't find it.
    > Thanks,
    > Lyn

    I try to cook size-appropriate beans for my birds. In other
    words, the smaller the bird, the smaller the bean. Not that the
    larger ones won't work, but some birds are turned off by big
    Brown rice (not white), split yellow or green peas, navy beans,
    pinto beans, adzuki beans, quinoia, whole wheat, hulled oats,
    barley are a few that would work.
    I then combine those with finely chopped vegetables like carrots,
    sweet potato, broccoli, kale, collards, turnips greens, mustard,
    hot peppers, sweet peppers, frozen or fresh corn, etc.
    My batches consist of enough for roughly 50 birds for about 5
    days. A food processor is how I prepare food in order to save
    time and make everything uniform in size and appearance.
    Fresh ginger root and cranberries are two good items to add to
    the mix.
    You need to experiment with foods to see what your birds will
    eat. And keep serving this constantly, every day, until they
    finally take a shine to it. For some, it takes a while until
    they get used to the dietary change, but when they do, they enjoy
    it greatly.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Michael L