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Re: Lyn

Posted by Michael L on 12/19/05
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    On 12/19/05, Lyn wrote:
    > I'm going to write all of this down. Thank you so much. I'm
    > hungry now.
    > Did you know that heat nor cold will kill Antflatoxins. I guess
    > this means cooking them. I don't know this is just what I've
    > read. So our birds can still be effected even if we cook it.
    > Thanks,

    Keep in mind that not all foods are contaminated with aflotoxin
    bacteria. It's more the exception rather than the rule.
    You have to have faith that you'll be able to beat this and the new
    foods you will be feeding will be safer than the ones you had
    If you think about it, if this was very common, most of the bird
    keepers would not be able to have the birds that they do.
    Best of luck, and keep us posted as to the likes and dislikes of your
    birds new diet.

    Michael L