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Re: Micheal

Posted by Michael L on 1/03/06
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    On 1/03/06, Lyn wrote:
    > Hey Micheal,
    > Remember me. I had a bird die from harding of the liver due
    > to aflatoxin.
    > We'll I just got the results back from the necroscopy on my
    > other birds and found out they died from cryptosporidia.
    > I only give my birds filtered water or bottled water and
    > never knew that this could kill my birds.


    Thanks very much for the update. Did the vet advise any
    treatment for your existing flock that survived?
    There are treatments for protozoal infections, such as you
    mentioned, and was wondering if he felt the survivors should be
    I'm amazed that in spite of you giving your birds filtered or
    bottle water that this occurred.
    Again, I'm sorry for your loss.

    Michael L