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Re: Micheal L.

Posted by Michael L on 1/04/06
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    On 1/04/06, Lyn wrote:
    > Hey,
    > I called and checked on my water purifier that I use. It is
    > suppose to get rid of cryptosporidia.
    > I called one of the spring water companies that I use and was told
    > that that is suppose to be eliminated from their water also. She
    > also told me that it was only for human consumption. I had to
    > laugh. I should of known that it was only good enough for me to
    > drink not my birds.
    > Lyn

    Maybe I'm not getting this? I would think if water is good for human
    consumption it would be great for any living creature.
    I do hope your vet can come up with something to treat the rest of
    your birds or at least keep this in check.
    Were these adult birds that died or youngsters? Forgive me if said
    and I didn't remember.

    Michael L