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Re: MKay

Posted by Lyn on 1/05/06
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    Please jump in anytime. The only birds that are dying are the ones that I
    hand feed. She had two clutches. The first clutch I pulled two and hand
    fed them. They were my pets. The second clutch I hand fed and they all
    stayed in one cage together. They started fighting and I pulled three of
    them out and they played with the first two.

    The only contact they had was with each other and all drank out of the
    same water bowl. One by one they started to die with no apparent reason.
    I made the mistake of freezing them instead of putting them in the

    There daddy died first but it was due to aflatoxin. Nothing else was
    found in his necroscopy. The doctor at first thought that was what was
    going on with everyone but then he got the results back and it was this
    cryptosporidia. He thought that maybe I used well water. He couldn't
    believe it could be from bottled water either. I would even take one of
    the birds with me when I would go to my grandmothers and I would carrie
    bottled water because she doesn't have a water purifier and I don't trust
    her water. Thought I was really taking good care of them. It just breaks
    my heart. I home school my two boys and the birds would be on their
    playstand or on our shoulders constantly. It is really lonely around here