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Re: Lyn

Posted by Mkay/KarenH on 1/06/06
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    That baby is so cute. I read some of your other posts about the dixie cups and
    am going to try it. I used syrengies with my babies. I use bleach and anti
    bacterial soap. I also put apple cider vinegar in the formula. The birds were
    five and six months old when they started dying. When the Dr. did the
    necroscopy he told me that they were suprisingly no bateria at all in any of the

    Karen H. Lizards is about the only thing I do not have. These birds have not
    been in contact with anything except us. I do have one birds that we are
    watching that they did have contact with but the bird test as healthy bird. It
    takes 23 to 30 days for the cryptosprorida to grow. The Dr. still has not come
    up with anything to possibly treat it.

    I think the aflatoxin that killed the daddy and cryptosproridia that killed the
    babies had to be a bad stroke of luck. The chances of like winning the lotto.
    Are maybe with our enviroment the way it is this is going to become something
    more common.