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Re: What is the right bird for me?

Posted by amazonfriend on 1/16/06
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    I have a BF Amazon, he really needs the timea and attention a
    child needs. Honestly, being fair to both of you it really
    takes that much time. :)

    On 12/30/05, Dee wrote:
    > The type of bird that may be right for you is dependent on
    > many factors...
    > Do you live in an apartment?
    > Will noise and/or size be a problem?
    > Do you have adequate space for cage?
    > Do you have a lot of spare time for a bird, or is it more
    > limited? (larger birds and some smaller species are very
    > time demanding)
    > Could time commitments forseeably change? (marriage, new
    > baby, change in jobs, move...remember, none of these things
    > are the fault of our feathered friend)
    > Expense and ease of care? (The larger the bird, the harder
    > to handle and incrementally expensive the foods, medical
    > treatment, grooming, etc.)
    > Without thinking in realistic terms, you may cheat your new
    > friend or yourself out of a good relationship. Be fair to
    > yourself and any potential feathered pet and consider ALL
    > the details...then make a sound choice.
    > On 12/30/05, Courtney wrote:
    >> I am thinking about getting a bird,and not quite sure
    >> about which type of bird would be best for me.Any
    >> suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.