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Re: What is the right bird for me?

Posted by Dee on 12/30/05
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    The type of bird that may be right for you is dependent on
    many factors...
    Do you live in an apartment?
    Will noise and/or size be a problem?
    Do you have adequate space for cage?
    Do you have a lot of spare time for a bird, or is it more
    limited? (larger birds and some smaller species are very
    time demanding)
    Could time commitments forseeably change? (marriage, new
    baby, change in jobs, move...remember, none of these things
    are the fault of our feathered friend)
    Expense and ease of care? (The larger the bird, the harder
    to handle and incrementally expensive the foods, medical
    treatment, grooming, etc.)
    Without thinking in realistic terms, you may cheat your new
    friend or yourself out of a good relationship. Be fair to
    yourself and any potential feathered pet and consider ALL
    the details...then make a sound choice.

    On 12/30/05, Courtney wrote:
    > I am thinking about getting a bird,and not quite sure
    > about which type of bird would be best for me.Any
    > suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.