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Re: lighting

Posted by Michael L on 1/24/06
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    On 1/24/06, Meeko's mom wrote:
    > Bird room does not have much natural lighting. Can someone
    > please tell me what kind of lighting I should get for my
    > birds?

    You're wise to want to improve the lighting of your bird room
    since it's not lit well naturally.
    What is known to be good lighting for birds is know as full
    spectrum lighting. This is usually a fluorescent-type light.
    There are several manufacturers of this type of lighting and
    several are sold expressively for pets and birds. They can
    be found in pet and animal supply stores. They tend to be
    quite pricey.
    You can also find these lamps at home imporvement and
    hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc.
    Phillips makes a bulb called "Natural Sunshine," and GE make
    another but the name escapes me at the moment. They are
    reasonlably priced and some in various lengths depending upon
    what type of fixturing you would want to use. This type of
    lighting needs to be kept close to the cages as distance
    causes the beneficial rays to be not as effective.
    You don't want to use plant or aquarium bulbs as these are
    not the same as full spectrum lighting.
    Also, even though the lamp may not burn out, they need to be
    replaced roughly evry 6 months to a year depending upon how
    long they are on each day as they lose their strength.
    I've included a link for you to read more about lighting and
    it's benefits.
    Good luck.

    Michael L

    Birds and Lighting