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Re: lighting

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 1/24/06
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    Three birds, low ceiling, ceiling fan (3)light fixture.
    I DO NOT use the ceiling fan ! I am just not sure how many I
    should use? I Just don't want to over do it !

    On 1/24/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 1/24/06, meeko's mom wrote:
    >> Thanks so much. I've done a search on them. Can't find the
    >> Phillips in my area. I did find the Vita-Lite. How many
    >> should I use per room? And, which wattage do you suggest?
    > I've not used the Vita-Light, but wattage in any fluorescent
    > lighting is based upon the length of the tube you want to use.
    > I use 48" tubes over most of my cages and that length tube is in
    > the 35 watt range, I believe. I also use some smaller lights
    > (24") and they are 20 watts.
    > You would have to decide what kind of fixturing you would want
    > use in your bird room and base it on the size of the room and
    > many cages you have. Even if you can't get a light over each
    > cage, generalized lighting will be better than nothing at all.
    > Start with a few and see how it goes for you.
    > Sorry I can't give you an exact amount.
    > Michael L