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Re: Water

Posted by Michael L on 2/07/06
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    On 2/07/06, Jennifer wrote:
    > Well I was told that the bird can get moisture from the formula.
    > He's doing fine. I took him to the vet for a full check up last
    > week and the vet said he's fine. He's not dehydrated,feathers,
    > and poop are fine. My bird is very happy,spoiled andloved.The
    > vet of 26 years experience said I'm doing a great a job. I
    > offered him water today.Didn't like it very much

    You are correct that your bird is receiving adequate hydration from
    the hand feeding formula.
    While you are weaning the bird, he will eventually try water along
    with the new foods he's trying. Birds are smart. They know what
    water is and when they feel they need it. Offer it but don't worry
    if he's not taking it and you are still hand feeding.

    Michael L