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Re: Water

Posted by MKay on 2/08/06
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    > Jennifer,
    > You are correct that your bird is receiving adequate hydration
    > the hand feeding formula.
    > While you are weaning the bird, he will eventually try water along
    > with the new foods he's trying. Birds are smart. They know what
    > water is and when they feel they need it. Offer it but don't
    > if he's not taking it and you are still hand feeding.
    > Michael L

    Jennifer, just wanted to add that as you offer fresh vegetables and
    fruits, the baby will be taking in water from those foods as well.
    When we weaned a Greenwing for a friend, I used to also soak weaning
    pellets in addition to the foods we offered. I can honestly say, it
    wasn't very often that I saw that baby actually drinking water
    before it left us at 16wks (not fully weaned)