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Re: Water/karen

Posted by sue on 2/09/06
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    Karen once again you demonstrate your arrogance by critisising what you do
    not aggree with. For your information, although it is none of your
    buisness, i have been hand raising greys macaws cockateils amazons
    lovebirds and several other species of birds that i cant be bothered
    typing out for the last 22 years, and i do know what i am talking about. i
    run a very successful breeding programme which is run from a fairly large
    premises, which also houses my own store and i do have quite a large
    presence on the internet as well. i think you are the one that dont know
    what you are talking about and is the troll... not me. but what you think
    about me does not matter and nor do you. so come back at me with some more
    insults please... i need a laugh. your arrogance is really funny. know-it-
    all kids.. who would have them!!! i have to prove nothing to you i know
    what i know and i know what i do.. and that is all i need. and if you do
    not give your tags water until they are 10 weeks old you should not be
    breeding. you are raising birds that will go on to have kidney problems in
    not-so-later life. and that is another thing you can scream at me about...
    but like i said.. what you think about me does not matter. your oppinion
    does not matter. no know-it all troll's oppinion does. but any-way i am
    not going to rise to any more of your arrogance... so you may critisize me
    as much as you like in as many posts as you like...which i have no doubt
    that you will continue to do as this is not the first time you have had a
    go at me is it? it dont matter... it is funny. i look forward to laughing
    at more of your posts. seeya