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Re: ALWAYS right so they say

Posted by MKay on 2/10/06
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    Jim, get over and beyond yourself for a moment.

    I did not suggest anyone stop this thread. I did post that once when the
    same subject was being mulled over again and again and again, and nothing
    new except sarcastic, iditiotic comments were being made. Specifically, that
    which compares clipping to amputation. Ugh. If you only could understand.

    You don't have to like me. I don't want you to give a fig to me anyway. If
    you have problems with those of us who don't agree with some of your views,
    that's just your inability to think outside of your tiny little box. It's a
    good thing for us that we are not required to befriend you in order to post
    at this site.

    :) Have a lovely day, mate!

    Oh, and thank you to anyone who would say that Lora, Karen and myself are
    always right. LMAO. Nice to know we have common beliefs with some of you!