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Re: Water

Posted by Dave on 2/10/06
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    On 2/06/06, Jennifer wrote:
    > Hi
    > My Congo is 8 weeks. Do you know when can I give him water
    > from a bowl/dish?

    Hi Jen
    It's true that all the different things you're giving
    ( formula, fruits and veggies in the future) will allow your
    baby to get moisture, but at 8 wks old, it's also quite safe
    to put a heavy small bowl of water in a corner of the area
    he's now in. He might not drink it quickly but he will
    investigate it. He might drop things in it too so all you
    need to do is change the water. Nature will tell him when to
    get brave and drink from it. If your water supply comes from
    a well it's best to use spring/distilled/drinking waters. I
    live in an area that supplies water from a well so I can only
    use the above waters for my parrots. All three are sold in
    supermarkets and are very inexpensive. 65 cents for 1 gallon.
    Buy the store brand and it's even cheaper. Just make sure the
    bowl is heavy so he doesn't flip it. You can also take a
    paper towel and put some water on it and let him check it
    when it's next to his beak/tongue. It won't hurt him . Good
    luck and have a good time with your new baby-----Dave