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Re: Shaking ringneck dove/MKay

Posted by Rowena on 2/09/06
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    On 2/08/06, MKay wrote:
    > On 2/08/06, Rowena wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> I've got a 3 or 4 month old ringneck dove with the
    > shakes.
    >> She's not shaking so hard she can't perch but constantly
    >> quivers, almost like she's cold. She's eating and
    > drinking
    >> fine. Heat lamp not seeming to do any good. Her 2
    >> siblings are not showing any symptoms. Put her on extra
    >> calcium and that seemed to help a little but still
    > shakes.
    >> She's an owner surrender, so I have no past history on
    >> her. Had her on a 7 day antiobiotic routine, still
    >> nothing. Any ideas anybody? Thanks.
    > I wonder if this is stress, or fear? We brought ome a
    > ringneck that was terrified, plucked by other birds, shaking
    > miserably, but all tests clean. He was in our home for a
    > few weeks, but we have a busy home and he was never finding
    > peace. He would thrash whenever someone came by. I found a
    > very quiet home for him, and they did a wonderful job with
    > him. I've lost contact with them in this past year, but
    > last I heard, he was well-adjusted and the best buddy to his
    > owner, the teenage boy.

    Could be stress, I hope not fear. She was brought to me with
    her two siblings and her parents. She and the others are in
    the quarantine room, which does not get a whole lot of traffic
    on purpose, along with a cage of keets that she was raised
    around. That part of the house is fairly quiet to the point I
    keep a radio on low to minimize any "frights" from unexpected
    noises. She is a friendly little bird, seems content to step
    up and sit on my hand. Don't notice any plucking by the others,
    no loose feathers in cage or on floor. Just seems to sit and
    quiver. I'm hoping to find good homes for these little guys
    but if not, they've got a home here. Just at a loss right now
    to help this little one. Vet says as long as she's eating and
    drinking well, and mobilizing well, not to put her thru the
    stress of another trip and blood draws just yet. I hope you're
    MKay, that it's something she'll eventually relax out of.
    Thanks, Rowena