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Post: Alovera juice?

Posted by adrain on 2/10/06

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    there was talk about using alovera juice to impove the
    general health of your bird in here before. I wanted to
    start giving my birds alovera but i cant seem to find
    anything about it on the web nor can i find the posts that
    i atleast thought i read in this room. Does anyone here
    use alovera and if so can you please inform me about the
    ratio of water to alo in the drinking water. Can i harm
    my bird is i give her too much alovera vuice? Is it safe
    to mix other vitamin's w/ the alo water mixture? and can i
    give her the flavored alovera juice or should i avoid that
    completely. any other info about alo and it uses would be
    greatly appriciated.

    Thank you

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