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Re: Hard boiled eggs

Posted by adrain on 2/17/06
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    On 2/16/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > I am not quite sure if hard boiled eggs are okay for
    > birds, are they? I just want to make sure because whenever
    > i eat one my birds fly to me and try to eat whatever i eat.
    hard boiled eggs are just fine. The shells in fact are very
    good for them. I believe most birdy bread recipies suggest
    leaving the shells in the mix its a good sorce of calcium.
    Zack the double yellow headed amazon's mom gives her bird
    eggs and reccomends it as part of their diet on Zach's web
    page. His web page is very informative you should google
    it. Anyway Zach's mom and other sorces ive read say eggs
    are good for protien and egg shells for calcium but
    moderation would be wize.