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Re: cockatiels and parakeets

Posted by jt on 2/20/06
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    On 2/17/06, adrain wrote:
    > On 2/16/06, Johnson wrote:
    >> I have a freind that wants to put the parakeet and
    >> cockatiel in the same cage, is that wise, will they fight,
    >> could they be put in the same cage?
    > When i was a kid i had a cockatiel and a few parakeets in
    > the same cage so i would say that it would be fine but i
    > guess every situation is different when trying to put
    > different birds together. But if the cage is large enough
    > for both of them just keep an eye on them for a while to
    > make sure it workes out for them and they dont become
    > territorial and fight.

    > i would absolutely not do that. parakeets tend to be more
    aggressive than cockatiels, and can fight the cockatiel for
    food, a spot, etc. although if the cockatiel gets mad enough
    and decided to really bite the parakeet, that would end badly
    too. better safe than sorry. -jt