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Re: banana peel

Posted by liz on 3/04/06
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    I rinse all of my fruits and veggies with a apple cider
    vinegar and water mixture. ACV is a great cleanser and it is
    bird safe. It can also be used to clean bird cages among other
    uses. Cheap, safe and affordable.
    On 2/16/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/16/06, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> I have a friend that is giving her Goffin Cockatoo, banana
    >> with the peel. Is this ok for the bird to have?
    > Probably not. Banana peels often times have been sprayed in
    > order to kill insects and to protect them during transit.
    > Often times, the eggs of insects are embedded in the peel.
    > This isn't a cause for humans as we peel the fruit. Could
    > a bit of concern for the birds, though.
    > If she wants to continue serving the fruit this way, a good
    > scrub with an antibiotic hand-wash and a good rinse will
    > Michael L