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Re: Help!!@!!!

Posted by Dave on 2/20/06
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    On 2/20/06, Amber. wrote:
    > I was lookng after my friends bird, and I think when I was
    > out, my cat jumped it. It seems fine now, and she took it
    > to the Vet. it has a cracked beak and i was wondering if
    > it can die from this.

    Usually not. The vet treats the external part of the cracked
    beak with an preventative against infection. A vet also uses
    certain types of glue based mesh if the crack is extremely
    severe. The vet probably told her what she has to do during
    the next few days concerning hard food and extreme pressure
    on that area. Beak cracking is handled by a vet much better
    than a few years ago when the vet had little to work with---