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Re: Help!!@!!! Poor bird!!!

Posted by Jim on 2/20/06
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    On 2/20/06, Amber. wrote:
    > I was lookng after my friends bird, and I think when I was
    > out, my cat jumped it. It seems fine now, and she took it
    > to the Vet. it has a cracked beak and i was wondering if
    > it can die from this.
    Hope your friend has learnt her lesson and leaves her bird
    with a more responsible caring person next time. Many people
    say "I will look after your bird to a bird owner" but do not
    seem to realise as should also the owner of the bird, caring
    for a bird is a big responsibility and takes planning
    especially when the carer given/taken the responsibility of a
    bird, has other animals. I feel so sorry for your friend's
    bird going through such a trauma with your cat and having to
    get over if possible the cracked beak, even though you foot
    the bill money ain't everything.