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Re: Help!!@!!! Poor bird!!!

Posted by Debbie on 2/20/06
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    I once had a green cheek go into my African greys ;ocked cage
    one day and pick a fight in just a split second. The grey
    ripped the beak off of the green cheek and the vet here wasnt
    available for a few days as it was a weekend. It was a good
    thing I hand fed baby birds and had baby food on hand so the
    bird survived. He had to eat soft food for a while but was so
    lucky to live because it was almost to his sinuses that the
    beak was gone from. Long story short he did great and would do
    it again IF he could. The beak never grew back all of the way
    and I had to trim the bottom beak every so often but he was so
    lucky it wasnt a hair more. The vet was amazed he was alive.
    Stuff happens to the best of us.

    On 2/20/06, Jim wrote:
    > On 2/20/06, Amber. wrote:
    >> I was lookng after my friends bird, and I think when I was
    >> out, my cat jumped it. It seems fine now, and she took it
    >> to the Vet. it has a cracked beak and i was wondering if
    >> it can die from this.
    > ..
    > Hope your friend has learnt her lesson and leaves her bird
    > with a more responsible caring person next time. Many people
    > say "I will look after your bird to a bird owner" but do not
    > seem to realise as should also the owner of the bird, caring
    > for a bird is a big responsibility and takes planning
    > especially when the carer given/taken the responsibility of
    > bird, has other animals. I feel so sorry for your friend's
    > bird going through such a trauma with your cat and having to
    > get over if possible the cracked beak, even though you foot
    > the bill money ain't everything.
    > Jim