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Re: Polyoma question

Posted by Fran on 2/21/06
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    On 2/20/06, Debbie wrote:
    > IF a young bird has polyoma and died from it wouldnt the
    > rest of the babies from the same parents have it and die
    > as well or am I just over worried.
    > I raised and sold 4 young cockatiels and one was only at
    > its new house for a week and it died. They were all 8
    > weeks old and eating great and all seemed fine. The other
    > 3 are fine as far as I know from this weeks info on them.
    > I have raised many cockatiels over the years and never had
    > any problems but found out some breeder (not close to me)
    > has had birds with this so I happened to read on it a
    > little and it kinda scared me after this baby died. It
    > could be nothing and the baby just got too cold where its
    > cage is at its new house but I needed to ask about the
    > other babies. Wouldn't they die as well if this was
    > Polyoma?? Would a baby die if its too cold in a cage by a
    > window? I have never had this happen before but I dont put
    > my birds by windows because I have always heard its not
    > good in case of a draft especially the young ones.
    > Any help woud be great.
    > Thanks :0)
    > Debbie

    Debbie, do you vaccinate your birds against polyoma?