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Re: Polyoma question

Posted by Debbie on 2/24/06
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    All of the other young babies are doing great and parents have 3 more
    babies. I talked to the others who bought my babies and told them
    about the one baby that died just in case something happens and to
    make sure to let me know how their are doing and if something else
    comes up THEN I would worry. The lady who had the baby that died said
    it is cold where the baby was but she didnt think about it at the time
    because her other birds were doing fine there.

    On 2/21/06, Debbie wrote:
    > I meant to keep it cold its just one of those days when nothing
    > comes out right I guess. I will remember this and thanks so much for
    > being positive to help me too.
    > Debbie
    > On 2/21/06, D wrote:
    >> On 2/21/06, Michael L wrote:
    >>> On 2/21/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>> I just thought to ask a few questions about
    >>>> the babies to see what others would do.
    >>>> Thanks for any help
    >>>> Debbie
    >>> Whatever you do, Debbie, don't freeze the bodies should that be
    >>> necessary. Freezing is not recommended; just refrigerate.
    >>> Michael L