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Re: Polyoma question/ to Michael L.

Posted by Fran on 2/24/06
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    Michael, what is your opinion on vaccinating pet birds? My previous avian vet and
    current one differ 180 degrees on this issue. Previous vet said vaccine was not necessary
    for pet birds in a non-breeding home. Said the vaccine could pose more risk than
    necessary, mainly by adverse reaction at injection site.
    On the opposite side, my current avian vet (both of these are Avian certified and tops in
    their field) feels EVERY bird should be vaccinated. He feels that an owner could bring the
    virus in on their clothes or shoes after visiting babies in a pet store, etc. He even goes
    so far as to not board birds if not vaccinated. I am on the fence. I have thought I may
    need to go ahead and get my birds vaccinated in case I need to board them. What are
    your general thoughts on this issue?