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Re: Polyoma question/Michael L.

Posted by Michael L on 2/25/06
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    On 2/25/06, Fran wrote:

    Let me ask you this. Can an adult, otherwise healthy bird be a carrier
    of polyoma, not actually sick but
    able to transfer the virus to a baby bird?

    I may not explain this correctly 100 percent, but I understand that
    asymptomatic adults can pass the virus on to baby birds if they are
    shedding the virus.
    I believe it can be spread or transferred to baby birds that an infected
    parent is feeding, from the infected cells that slough off in the crop of
    the parent bird and go along with the food that is passed.
    Also feather dust cells can contain it and the baby bird breathes it in
    and contracts the disease. Fecal matter is another route of transmission.
    But I was also told that infected parents can produce perfectly normal
    offspring in spite of them being carriers.
    I guess there are many variables that make it difficult to give a
    definite answer.

    Michael L