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Re: Polyoma question/Michael L.

Posted by Debbie on 2/25/06
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    Should the parents be tested??

    On 2/25/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/25/06, Fran wrote:
    > Let me ask you this. Can an adult, otherwise healthy bird be a carrier
    > of polyoma, not actually sick but
    > able to transfer the virus to a baby bird?
    > Fran,
    > I may not explain this correctly 100 percent, but I understand that
    > asymptomatic adults can pass the virus on to baby birds if they are
    > shedding the virus.
    > I believe it can be spread or transferred to baby birds that an infected
    > parent is feeding, from the infected cells that slough off in the crop
    > the parent bird and go along with the food that is passed.
    > Also feather dust cells can contain it and the baby bird breathes it in
    > and contracts the disease. Fecal matter is another route of transmission.
    > But I was also told that infected parents can produce perfectly normal
    > offspring in spite of them being carriers.
    > I guess there are many variables that make it difficult to give a
    > definite answer.
    > Michael L