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Re: A sick conure/Kitty

Posted by Kitty.J on 3/09/06
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    On 3/08/06, Debby wrote:
    > Kitty what I suppose this is, is a trip to the VET ASAP! You
    > know a bird hides its illness, well not its showing signs.
    > bird needs to go to a vet now.
    > Debby
    >> The conure iw as gonna get from my bros gf is sick its
    >> puffing up and getting sick and its plucking and tearing
    >> at its chest which is making it bleed. What do you suppose
    >> this is?

    Yeah i talked to amanada and she told me she took it to an
    exotic bird vet and he told her it was gonna die in less than
    a die if it didn't get hooke dup with IV's and get some fluids
    pumping through it and they also wanted to take blood tests
    but she says it cost over $500.00 to do all this, well if she
    knew alittle more about birds this wouldn't of happened. She
    told the vet she couldn't do it and the vet gave her a hard
    time and well... It died yesterday. You know if she would have
    let me taken it to my vet i would have done something fo rthe
    bird, if i couldn't make it well i would have atleast gave it
    love and care and have it euthanized. What do you think the
    bird had, it was sleeping a lot, puffed up, not eating much
    and had small but runny droppings.