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Post: aggressive behaviour

Posted by Robin on 3/13/06

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    HELP! I'm trying to understand why my BH Pionus has
    become aggressive. He has always had his "moments"(don't
    we all), but in the last two weeks it's been worse. He
    offers to feed me and does his little "dance" which I
    discourage by putting him back on his tree. He squawks
    alot more of late also. We have acquired two new puppies
    and I know this is part of the problem(we have always had
    a dog in the house with him before, and the new pups don't
    really come in contact with him, but I know he knows they
    are new and there will be an adjustment period.) I wonder
    about whether or not there is a mating season or something
    that could be adding to his angst. He got me in the hand
    and nose HARD. Any advice?

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