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Re: aggressive behaviour

Posted by Robin on 3/16/06
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    Thanks! I have been just bringing him out and treating him,
    then putting him back. He had had full run of the hous, but I
    closed the cage and open it for an hour or so in the quiet
    part of the evening. I read that I shouldn't have handled him
    at eye level, but lower so he has to look up. I also stop
    holding him when he does his little "dance". He seems more
    content. Thanks fr you
    advice! On 3/15/06,
    Elizabeth wrote:
    > probobly both, more breeding season but add in the being
    > displaced by some new critters (not that he is but he could
    > be jealous). Try to make sure you are not encouraging
    > breeding behavior - no happy huts, dark spots, don't rub
    > abdomins etc. Also make sure your bird is sleeping enough
    > AND make sure artifical lights are not extending his day.
    > This will encourage breeding desires.
    > Other than that try to watch for his moods- take him out for
    > shorter periods more often and make sure you end on a good
    > note. Even if you take him out for 15 min (throughout the
    > day and afternoon etc), and then put him back before he
    > becomes overstimulated it is better to do that and re-
    > enforce good behaviors than to take him out longer less
    > often and help to establish bad ones.
    > When he bites - DO NOT shrick, say NO firmly, don't yell at
    > all and make an :-( face, not hard as your hand hurts. Birds
    > can tell alot by facial expressions. Make sure you reward
    > him with his good behavior as much as possible.
    > Have a nice night!
    > On 3/13/06, Robin wrote:
    >> HELP! I'm trying to understand why my BH Pionus has
    >> become aggressive. He has always had his "moments"(don't
    >> we all), but in the last two weeks it's been worse. He
    >> offers to feed me and does his little "dance" which I
    >> discourage by putting him back on his tree. He squawks
    >> alot more of late also. We have acquired two new puppies
    >> and I know this is part of the problem(we have always had
    >> a dog in the house with him before, and the new pups don't
    >> really come in contact with him, but I know he knows they
    >> are new and there will be an adjustment period.) I wonder
    >> about whether or not there is a mating season or something
    >> that could be adding to his angst. He got me in the hand
    >> and nose HARD. Any advice?