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Re: aggressive behaviour/playpen suggestion?

Posted by Elizabeth on 3/20/06
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    Good luck. If you have any questions stop back... I log on off
    and on during the week.

    Keeping birds below eye level does help, also if you do not have
    a playpen they are a great investment. You can find them at some
    of the chains (I don't like chains but that is another issue)
    for reasonable. Online you can find them, along with ebay, you
    should be able to pick one up for between 20-50 dollars. Or you
    can make your own...

    My playpen is the "drawer" from under the playtop of my
    cockatoos cage. (It cut down on light, so it got removed so she
    could get full spectrum lighting)

    I used some bird safe tree branches, anchored them in place.
    Added some bird safe cleaned baby toys - "baby keys", stuffed
    toys (no eyes/buttons etc) and some birdie foot toys. Basically
    used what I had around - it is big enough for several babies out
    at one time and is really affordable. Tons of toys and space.

    If you do not have a "base" like that the rubbermaid tubs that
    are meant for underbed storage (little lip) cleaned and lined
    with newspaper works great. Add some branches, toys and you have
    a homemade playgym that you can change when you want as your
    needs change.

    Have a nice night!
    On 3/16/06, Robin wrote:
    > Thanks! I have been just bringing him out and treating him,
    > then putting him back. He had had full run of the hous, but I
    > closed the cage and open it for an hour or so in the quiet
    > part of the evening. I read that I shouldn't have handled him
    > at eye level, but lower so he has to look up. I also stop
    > holding him when he does his little "dance". He seems more
    > content. Thanks fr you
    > advice! On 3/15/06,
    > Elizabeth wrote:
    >> probobly both, more breeding season but add in the being
    >> displaced by some new critters (not that he is but he could
    >> be jealous). Try to make sure you are not encouraging
    >> breeding behavior - no happy huts, dark spots, don't rub
    >> abdomins etc. Also make sure your bird is sleeping enough
    >> AND make sure artifical lights are not extending his day.
    >> This will encourage breeding desires.
    >> Other than that try to watch for his moods- take him out for
    >> shorter periods more often and make sure you end on a good
    >> note. Even if you take him out for 15 min (throughout the
    >> day and afternoon etc), and then put him back before he
    >> becomes overstimulated it is better to do that and re-
    >> enforce good behaviors than to take him out longer less
    >> often and help to establish bad ones.
    >> When he bites - DO NOT shrick, say NO firmly, don't yell at
    >> all and make an :-( face, not hard as your hand hurts. Birds
    >> can tell alot by facial expressions. Make sure you reward
    >> him with his good behavior as much as possible.
    >> Have a nice night!
    >> On 3/13/06, Robin wrote:
    >>> HELP! I'm trying to understand why my BH Pionus has
    >>> become aggressive. He has always had his "moments"(don't
    >>> we all), but in the last two weeks it's been worse. He
    >>> offers to feed me and does his little "dance" which I
    >>> discourage by putting him back on his tree. He squawks
    >>> alot more of late also. We have acquired two new puppies
    >>> and I know this is part of the problem(we have always had
    >>> a dog in the house with him before, and the new pups don't
    >>> really come in contact with him, but I know he knows they
    >>> are new and there will be an adjustment period.) I wonder
    >>> about whether or not there is a mating season or something
    >>> that could be adding to his angst. He got me in the hand
    >>> and nose HARD. Any advice?