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Re: Vitamin S (to Michael L.)

Posted by Michael L on 4/01/06
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    On 3/31/06, Meeko' Mom wrote:
    > Thanks Michael. I already have some Spirulina. I'll give that
    > a try. Any other suggestions to help her out?
    > A little history.... the breeder decided to sell out, because
    > she went to work full time, and didn't have time for the birds
    > anymore. (I purchased 3 pair from her) In the last year,
    > they've not had any fresh fruit or veggies, or the proper care
    > they needed. One of the other pairs started to pluck as
    > well ... but has since stopped, and has new feathers just in
    > the few weeks I've had her.

    That sounds very positive. The easiest form of plucking to
    correct is one where diet or general health/stress is deficient,
    which this sounds as if it might be. Should it be an ingrained
    behavioral issue, that's another story.
    When you have a bird with any negative feather condition, a diet
    that is protein-enriched will/should help tremendously. Feather
    replacement relies heavily on protein sources to create proper
    feather development which I'm sure you are aware.
    This would include your pulses (beans), hard-cooked eggs (which
    have almost every amino acid in them), lean, cooked meat such as
    chicken and the obvious healthy, dark greens and beta carotene
    veggies such as carrots and sweet potatoes. Of course this is
    just a sampling of what a good, balanced diet would consist, but
    it's what will definitely help feather condition.
    The spirulina, added to the mix will certainly enhance the
    benefits. I have personally found that feather color is greatly
    enhanced when long-term, regular use of spirulina is incorporated
    into the diet.
    I think you're well on your way to improving these birds lives
    just by diet alone.
    Best of luck with them and I hope they turn out well for you.

    Michael L